Typical Transformer factory repair services offered include:

  • Winding re-winding
  • Core replacement
  • Transformer up-rating
  • Reconditioning of HT Switchgears
  • Testing of Transformer and HT switchgear Factory Repairs
  • Tank replacement
  • Tap-charger Overhaul & Replacement >> Resin cast coils
  • Reconditioning of Unitized Substations
  • Replacement of HT Panel Enclosures & Spares

  • Unitech has factory-based service support facilities which include:

  • Modern machining and fabrication facilities.
  • Assembly workshops including cranes
  • Testing facilities as per latest Indian Standards (IS)
  • Coil manufacturing and core manufacturing facilities 
  • Cast resin Dry-type coil manufacturing facilities
  • HT switchgear repair facilities.
  • Workshops with cleaning facilities & vacuum drying ovens
  • Transformers, USS & HT Panels - Field services

    Field repairs
    To complement the inspection capabilities, we can offer a wide range of repair services. These are performed in the field where we have considerable experience working in vastly differing environments, including both onshore and offshore installations. Our dedicated team of engineers can carry out repairs and upgrades on site, saving you downtime costs, transport costs and increasing the operation lifetime of your transformer.

    Typical field repair services offered include:

  • Transformer refurbishment
  • Radiator repair or replacement
  • Cooler equipment replacement 
  • Cable box replacement
  • Tapping Switch 
  • modification / replacement 
  • Gasket seal replacement 
  • Transformer up - rating
  • HD switch gear panel and VCB panels service
  • Transformer oil filtration and BDV improvement 
  • Silica Gel breather replacement 
  • Painting of the transformer and HT panels
  • Supply & fixing  of C T- PT Unit
  • Annual maintenance contracts (AMC )

    Unitech can provide short and long term maintenance contracts, tailored to meet our customer's specific needs.

    These support operators by :

  • Enabling continuous mode of operation the use of long term maintenance and Healthcare contracts maybe developed to suit the customer's  needs 
  • Enabling  designation of inspection points,spare parts and recommendations for continuous equipment performance 
  • Assist in reducing operating costs associated with unplanned outages as a result of equipment failures.
  • AMC service offered include :

  • Cast resin dry type transformers
  • Oil coold transformers with or without OLTC
  • Unitized Substations (USS)
  • HT-LBS panels & VCB panels 
  • Multi panel system

  • Spares:

    Unitech can offer spares and kits of parts in a very short time frame so that your transformer and HT switch gear are kept up and running

    Spare parts that are available but not limited to our as follows:

  •  Bushings and supporting insulators 
  •  Radiators gasket
  •  Tap switches
  •  Buchholz Relays 
  •  Valves and Siilica gel breather 
  •  Load Break Switch (LBS)
  •  Relays and HT panel accessories 
  •  Temperature Sensors &Scanners
  •  Used Transformers & Spare   Transformers

  • Testing facilities

  • Voltage ratio test - Ratio meter
  • Winding Resistance  - Resistance  Meter
  • No load loss and current - Dimmerstat & Digital Power Analyzer
  • Insulation Resistance  - Megger
  • Separate Source Voltage with stand Test - HV Test Kit
  • Induced Over Voltage Test - Dimmerstat & Digital Power Analyzer
  • Vector Group Test - Test Bench
  • Load Loss and Percentage Impedance Dimmerstat & Digital Power Analyzer

  • Used & Spare Transformer

    In case of Transformer breakdown, we offer our transformers for hire for temporary power distribution. Short and long term Transformer rentals. Oil cooled Transformers and Dry type cast Cast Resin Transformer, HT Load Break Switch panel and VCB Panels.